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Smeargle Van Gogh by DunnyCT Smeargle Van Gogh by DunnyCT
...I genuinely could not think of a better name. Still, it's descriptive.

ANYWAY firstly, inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night painting - particularly how alive the sky is in it. Mind you, I don't want to pigeonhole the guy and say "yep this was totes inspired by his styleeee" because it isn't; that'd be like scaling Everest, the guy could do loads of stuff. Plus we're in different mediums and I couldn't replicate the brushstrokes. So really it's just a tribute.

SECONDLY You'll notice a "day 4" in the corner. What happened to days 1, 2 and 3 I hear you (not) ask? My accidental new years resolution was to draw every day :D And I'm doing it! If I can keep it up until day 7 I'll be thrilled. The downside is, I can't finish anything in a day (present mess excluded) so really a lot of the stuff is just pushing the definition of "sketch" to the point that it says everything about the finished product without being finished. I hope I get around to finishing them all - some of the stuff I've done/got planned is delicious.

THIRDLY The art behind the art: I found myself channeling myself when doing this. The idea is, Smeargle's in a dull, but warm room lit strongly from the bright daylight outside. But rather than go outside and make the most of the good if plain daylight, he stays inside and paints nightime, which forms not just the atmosphere in the room but parts of himself, too. I guess I related in a bunch of ways - the doubt I get when I don't conventionally "make the most of" opportunities, the part art plays in my life, my preferences for the nocturnal (note the daylight is warm, but the night is still aglow and is far more colourful). So yeah. Tech-wise, yeah, I kept to a palette, which was again largely inspired by Van Gogh. My brushstrokes are all over the place (I can't make them look authentic for my life) and the composition is... awry. The canvas was orginally smaller but I stretched it to make everything else look better at the cost of having the moon in the centre. I should've moved it, but it was already such a part of the painting. I also tried to get every part of the background flowing together, making eddies and that... didn't pull it off so well. Smeargle uses smaller, more detailed strokes in order to draw attention to him.

I'd better finish now, :iconwalloftextplz:

Van Gogh is cool, doing more stuff, probably upload to scraps l8r
Just-A-Smeargle Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
I just think this is downright brilliant, and that's all I have to say
Jacktoon Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Professional General Artist
*Strokes chin until friction-burn starts to set in* Y'know what, for once, I actually, really don't know what to make of this. I mean, it's very reminiscent of the original painting and the style, but it also feels different. Almost approaching "too different" kind of levels of different. I can't really explain it, though. The first time I glanced at this, I thought "hey, that's nice, good take on it" but now the more I look at it, like, the less sense it makes? I dunno. Something like that. I mean, the purply-blue part surrounding the moon for instance; that colour doesn't really appear anywhere else and almost starts to be a bit of an eyesore. Actually y'know what it might just be that whole righthand side that's not sitting right with me. Like, if you'd have cropped it just below-right of Smeargle and continued the picture in the other direction I could see it working. But that's just my opinion. I really like that lefthand part just to, you know, clarify. You did say yourself the composition was awry; I think that's it. It's really good, but it would've been that bit better if it could've been rearranged a little. Am I sounding too harsh? If I am, read that all again, but strap about 5 pillows to your face to soften it up a bit, because I didn't mean it to. And then go hurry up with all these other delicious things you're talking about.
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